The Hooksett Girls Softball League offers a dedicated atmosphere for young female athletes ages 5-16 to play and compete in the game of fast pitch softball in Hooksett, NH. Our league provides a community based youth sports organization that is committed

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Hooksett Babe Ruth Softball

8U Rules



This does not include all information regarding the rules.  For full rules please see the Babe Ruth Softball rule book.  If something is not listed in these local rules, follow the Babe Ruth Rule book.  Local rules remain in effect for the playoffs.


  • Pitching distance is 30’


  • 4 runs per half inning


  •  Game is 6 innings


  • Coach Pitch


  • Continuous batting order is allowed when agreed to prior to start of game


  • In order to keep games on schedule no new inning is to start after 1 hr 45 mins of start time.


  • Umpires are to keep track of game start time